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Welcome to Maui Masters Swim Club

A swim program for adults ages 18 & over

  • All swim abilities welcomed, as long as you can swim 50 yards or more unaided
  • Get expert help to improve your swim skills and technique
  • Build your fitness and endurance
  • Benefit from coached workouts
  • Experience the fun and camaraderie of swimming with others
  • Discover why swimming is an ideal form of exercise
  • Seniors are especially welcome!
  • A supportive place to train for swim competitions and triathlons

Maui Masters Swimming

  • All swimmers attending our workouts must be members of US Masters Swimming (USMS). This is required for insurance purposes. No one is allowed to enter the pool without showing their current USMS membership status.
  • In addition, we charge workout fees to pay for our Coaches and to pay for the use of the County pool. Swimmers who join Maui Masters Swim Club (MMSC) are offered discounted workout fees (see chart below).
  • You must pre-register and pay for each workout on our website.
  • We have workouts in two locations: Upcountry Pool in Pukalani and Central Maui at Kokua Pool in Kahului (see Workout Calendar for schedule).

Are you visiting?

  • If you are a current USMS member, you do not need to be a MMSC member. Go directly to the "Workout Calendar" and pre-register for a swim.  The cost is $15.00 + tech fee and will be charged during the registration process. Payment is by credit card only.
  • When you arrive at the pool, introduce yourself to the coach and show your USMS membership card.
  • International swimmers who are members of a recognized swimming association may also swim with us. Please contact our member director, Donelle Williams at to see if you are eligible and for help in registering for a swim. Please do not just show up at the pool!
  • Questions? Get answers by emailing and our volunteers will get back to you. We check our emails regularly but it may be up to 24 hours before you receive a reply.

Are you a Maui resident and New to Masters swimming?

  • If you are a full-time Maui resident and have never been a US Masters Swimming member and wish to try us out we offer two free trial swims in conjunction with US Masters Swimming. This offer will cover you for insurance while you try us out. You'll be asked to demonstrate that you can swim 50 meters without stopping and without assistance (that is, no kickboard, fins, or flotation devices).
  • After submitting the online form (link below), you will be contacted by MMSC via email. At that time, your two free workouts will be arranged at no cost. Do not come to the pool until you hear from MMSC.
  • To find the free trial swim form, visit USMS at: Try Out Maui Masters

Want to make a habit of swimming with us?

  • Join Maui Masters Swim Club! Club dues are just $30 per year and we offer workout rates lower than the daily rate for visitors.
  • Review the information below on member types and then go to Join MMSC to begin the application process. Be sure to choose your member type carefully as we don't allow changes until the end of each year (email us if you have questions or concerns).
  • Note: You must have a current USMS membership in order to swim our workouts and be accepted as a member of Maui Masters. USMS membership application and fee is independent of membership in Maui Masters. Each membership is done separately on their respective websites. Learn and join USMS at When you sign up for USMS membership you may opt to affiliate with a local Masters Club. If you choose to affiliate with Maui Masters (MMSC) it does not mean you are a member of MMSC. You will still need to join our Club as well.


Maui Masters Swim Club Chosen to Receive Grant Funding to Provide Free Adult Learn to Swim Lessons to Maui Residents

Maui Masters Swim Club was chosen as one of 38 adult programs in 24 states, from the USA Swimming Foundation’s nationwide network of swim lesson providers to receive grant money in 2024. The grant award will go toward Maui Masters Swim Club's continued efforts to provide free swim lessons. This year, the USA Swimming Foundation has awarded a total of $780,000 in its initial round of funding to programs across the country.

Our pool facilities

Our Pukalani workouts are in a 50 meter pool which is divided by a bulkhead resulting in 12 lanes for swimming. We share lanes and average 1-2 swimmers per lane depending upon popularity of that particular workout. Occasionally, County permits required us to share the pool with another swim team and MMSC will be restricted to just one half of the pool.  

Central Maui workouts are located in Kahului at the Kokua pool: an 8 lane, 25 yard, shallow pool.

Showers and locker rooms are available at both locations. We also have kickboards and pull buoys for your use at the Pukalani workouts. At Kokua you must bring your own.

Need a swim cap? Maui Masters Swim Club caps are available for $15. To arrange for a cap please send an email to at least 24 hours prior to your swim.


You don't have to be a "master" to swim with us. Our swimmers include recreational swimmers, national and international competitors, former high school and collegiate athletes, triathletes, busy parents, working people, retirees and seniors, including one octogenarian (who is also an international competitor!).

We accept swimmers ages 18 and over who can swim 50 meters without stopping and unassisted (no kickboards, fins, or other floatation devices).


Maui Masters Swim Club is proud to be a member of United States Masters Swimming (USMS).

To swim with us, you'll need a current membership with USMS. This provides the insurance that is required of all of our swimmers.

Check out the yearly membership rates and the many great benefits offered by USMS at (look for the Join link on their website's banner at the top). Please note that this link will open into a new tab on your browser. To return to MMSC's site navigate back to our tab. Joining USMS does not make you a member of Maui Masters. You will still need to join our club if you want reduced workout fees.

Our Coaches

Each workout is led by a USA Swimming-certified coach who is happy to offer suggestions to improve your swim technique and workouts that match your skills and training interests.If you have something special you would like to focus on or if you are recovering from an injury, be sure to tell the Coach!

Coach Marie on deck

 Coach Dave Rostetter has been with Maui Masters for many years. His easy-going style is welcomed by new as well as seasoned swimmers.

Coach Marie on deck

Marie White began coaching with Maui Masters in 2021. She is ever helpful showing swimmers better stroke technique and giving encouragement.

Coach Marie on deck

Shawn Donohue joined Maui Masters as a Coach for our Central Maui workouts in the fall of 2023. He coaches Tuesday/Thursday at Kokua pool..



Dues for Club membership are $30 per year. All members pay this fee to be eligible for reduced workout fees. If you join in November or December your Club dues will be extended to the following year. These dues help with the costs of running our non-profit all volunteer Club and will be assessed during the application (or renewal) process.

Workout fees pay for our coaches and our use of the County pools. There are two workout fee options for new members to accommodate both swimmers who might only swim a few times/month and those that may want to swim more frequently. Pick the fee option that suits your swimming needs. Fees are the same for both pool workout locations (Upcountry and Kokua) and you may swim at either or both.  When you apply to become a member of MMSC the first step will be to select one of these "Membership Type" from the two options below:

Cost: $10 for each workout will be charged automatically during registration for each workout. $30 yearly Club dues assessed at initial sign-up.

Cost: $50 for each calendar month for unlimited workouts for that month. $30 Club dues will be added as a separate transaction only once for the year, payable within 30 days.
Details: Your Monthly Pass will expire at the end of that calendar month. Renewal reminders are sent automatically at the end of each month at which time you will be assessed the $50 workout fee for the following month. If you do not renew in a particular month, you will be classified as “expired” and will not have access to our member site. You will be prompted to contact us when you return so that we may restart your Monthly Pass again properly. You will NOT be assessed a charge for the month(s) you missed.  

Tip for NEW Monthly Pass Members: If you join after the 20th of any month, the system will charge you for an entire month and you will automatically be up for renewal again at the end of that month. Please email our Member Director at and your monthly membership will be extended to the end of the following month.

Cost: $450 for unlimited workouts for the calendar year (January - December) + $30 yearly Club dues (Total of $480 due upon initial sign-up or renewal). This pass is only available during the period from late December - mid February each year. No refunds or credits.

Please consider your choice of membership carefully as we ask our swimmers to stay with their Membership Type for the entire year. Switching between Monthly and No Pass membership types is only allowed for extenuating circumstances and only once during the year. If you feel you need to switch, please contact our Membership Director.

In late December, all members will have the option to change to a different membership type for the following year.

To become a member, click the Join MMSC tab. Follow the on-screen directions and submit your application. Our Member Director will review your application and you will be notified within a day or two of the next steps to take to complete your application and swim with us. Note: If you have registered for one of our swims previously there's a good chance you are already in our database and we can easily convert you to a member. Please contact us by email rather than filling out the web application.

REMEMBER: You must have a current membership with U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) to swim with us. All swimmers must be able to swim 50 meters, nonstop unassisted (no flotation devices or fins). If you are unsure of your ability, please contact MMSC's Membership Director before you sign up and pay for USMS. MMSC is not responsible for any membership payments to USMS.

Click the Email Us tab above to send an email to our Membership Director at
who will try to reply within 24 hours.

Maui Masters Swim Club is a 501(c)(7) nonprofit organization.

Our mailing address is:

Maui Masters Swim Club, PO Box 881111, Pukalani, HI 96788

Email us at: or click the Email Us tab above.